Rajasthani Girl

My next painting is that of a Rajasthani girl. I got an oppurtunity to visit Rajasthan a year and a half ago and one of the striking observations is the fact that people living there mostly wear bright coloured dresses. I have tried to depict the same in my painting giving the dresses a bright pink and a green combination. I also used the golden sparkles tube to give a good touch to the jewels and decorations.

The fully framed version.


Enjoy!!!!!! Will update more of such similiar paintings.


AlpsMan said...

Excellent work! I liked the color contrasts. May be the entire background could have been filled with yellow.

Padmashree said...

Thanks AlpsMan. I really liked the bright colour dresses worn by the Rajasthani women. Bright pink and bright green combo is more Rajasthani :)
Please keep visiting :)