Candle Making

Hi All,

Recently I tried making candles at home and succeeded quite well in the task!

We need

1) Paraffin wax (Do not use any other wax)
2) Candle moulds for the shape of the candle.
3) Wick.
4) A small stick (can be cut from broom stick as well).


1) DOUBLE BOIL the Paraffin wax.
2) Insert the wick into the wax and sharpen the end.
3) Pierce a hole in the middle of the mould and insert the wick through the hole from one end and tie the other end with a small stick such that the stick lies horizontally on the top of the mould. (see the picture 2 below)
4) When the wax melts completely add the colour crayon of  your choice and allow it to melt.
See the below pic.


5) Pour the coloured melted wax into moulds and allow it to set overnight. Observe the wick which is inserted from the hole at the bottom of the mould with the other end tied to a small stick placed horizontally top of the mould
                                                            PICTURE 2

6) Once the wax sets overnight, in the morning overturn the mould and remove the wax carefully.
     See the home made candles below :)

  Note : You can also make multi-coloured candles by pouring one layer of coloured wax (say green), wait for sometime till its set.. say 2-3 min and then pour the next layer of coloured wax (say red) and wait for it to set and then pour the third layer of the coloured wax.

So here you are with the home-made candles all ready to brighten up your house!!