The Indian Bride

Hello All once again!
My next painting is on a homely Indian bride all dressed up in a richly coloured dress and gold jewellery carrying a plate of fruits and milk for her love.

This also completes one wall of my home and here is the snapshot of the three paintings at once on the wall.

See you soon. Till then.. Happy Creativity !!


Lord Krishna and Yashoda : One more glass painting

Hi All,

I did one more glass painting of Lord Krishna and Yashoda.

Outline with Glass Outliner.

Final Framed Version



Another Rajasthani Girl

Hi All,

I got the oppurtunity to paint yet an another Rajasthani girl wearing the typical bright coloured dresses.
As usual I used the golden glitter tube to empasize the work on the dress and to depict the jewels.
Hope you enjoy this as much as I did while painting the same!!!

Face closeup

 Fully Framed Version


 Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!!